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Happy New Year folks! This time of year the gyms get busier, closets get cleaned out and resolutions are made. For me I look at it, not as a resolution but assessing what is good for me and what is bad. I make goals and try to create new habits. A new habit of mine is using a planner or filofax. I tried to save money by going the homemade route I probably would have been happier buying one ( so my system might change). In case any of you are interested I thought I would share. I purchased a Wilson Jones 3-ring binder from Amazon and it is gorgeous and only $17 with shipping.

planner cover

I love the color and feel of it though it is not real leather it is very soft yet durable. I used a free downloadable insert from Handmade Home. I loved the layout and they were FREE!  But now I am realizing the color scheme is not for me and I would prefer my months in portrait layout, live and learn.

inside planner January

On the back of each month I created a pocket for holding bills, receipts and such. I used coordinating color patterned paper from A Muse Studio.

planner folder

The weekly view is what really sold me on using these downloads, it is almost impossible to get WO2P (week on 2 pages) with lines! So when I found these I was super stoked.

week 1 planner

I will be using these for now but as you can see I lend towards bright colors not earth tones and I do think I want something A5 size. I hope I showed you some resources if you are interested in this system. Stay tuned as one of my other goals is blogging more 😉